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Did you watch us on the History Channel?


“Blood Money” featuring our very own Jim Vargovich, his son Talon and Double J Fencing, Inc. aired on the History Channel – Monday August 6th, 2018.

“The story is based on people who built a business from the ground up and offering our children an incentive and challenge.”

What’s it all about? America is at a crossroads. This country was built on the backs of industrious men and women who started their own businesses. And while family businesses have moved wealth and the value of hard work from one generation to the next, many fear that millennials of today don’t have the kind of work ethic that will take their family business through this century.

Chris Parvin, a family estate planner, has seen it all. So he’s headed out across this nation to help see if the kids of today have what it takes to take over the family business tomorrow. With money, promotions, and stakes in the company on the line, this is no game. Chris will help these business owners put their children to the test and see if they have what it takes to earn their family’s Blood Money.

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Double J Fencing’s Story To Aired On The History Channel

Ravalli Republic: 
Jim Vargovich’s role in the History Channel’s new “Blood Money” series is about the future as well as the past. The owner of Double J Fencing said he was surprised when his business received an email about a year and a half ago from a production company saying they wanted to talk to him about a show.

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