Do you have a newly-constructed home or just need to replace an old fence? At Double J Fencing we understand that keeping your backyard private while protecting your kids and animals, is imperative and this is what our fences provide. Together with you, we will determine the best fit for your fencing needs, while keeping your budget in mind.

Farm and Ranch

Let Double J Fencing find the right fencing solution for your Farm or Ranch – providing a rustic look and feel while offering a high level of durability and safety. We are offering a wide variety of livestock and animal fencing solutions, keeping your animals on your property while at the same time keeping unwanted intruders away.


Double J Fencing is fully licensed and bonded with the resources to take on large projects. We have done numerous big projects for the United States Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, as well as other county agencies. Our reputation is built on continually exceeding high, government-engineering specifications.


In any commercial industry, the correct fencing application is critical for success. With ever-changing rules and regulations, you want to make sure that you choose the right fence to meet these regulations and protect your property, while still being aesthetically nice. Keeping trespassers, animals and objects off your property is a key focus and can be achieved with a wide variety of fencing options. Our team is dedicated to installing your fence in the time frame you require.